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Jacek Godziek Marketing Manager what does your company do?

MARAT Group (Poland) ensure comprehensive implementation of large and ambitious projects.

Our mission is to provide complete customer service from the design phase through production, delivery, installation and launching.

MARAT’s offer includes delivery of catalogue goods such as bearings and components, self-alining bearing units, industrial chemicals, oils and lubricants, seals, maintenance tools for bearings, mechanical drives and gear reducers, power transmission elements, chain and belt transmissions.

In our own production plant we manufacture advanced steel structures, elements of production lines and complete production machines and equipment.

What is your flagship product?

MARAT’s offer includes several products indispensables in production plants of many sectors. We supply products such as gears box with rated power up to 1000 kW and complete drives for machines such as conveyors, feeders, mills, chain, belt, roller and screw conveyors, vibrating sorting systems or prototype machines (also based on customer documentation).

When and why did the partnership between ISB and Marat come about?

The partnership between MARAT and ISB Industries began several years ago and in 2018 the company became an Authorised Distributor of the Green Brand. ISB products are technologically advanced solutions in the area of bearing technique offered to customers of various industries. Expanding MARAT’s offer with ISB products is a good proposal, which constantly meets with a positive response of the market in the form of new orders and contracts.

What are the “pluses” of this partnership with ISB?

High technical quality, professional logistics and professional technical advice are important advantages of ISB products. A crucial element of positive evaluation is the cooperation of both ISB and MARAT employees, both team of people always professionally solve customer’s needs.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans focus on continuously strengthening the cooperation between ISB and MARAT. An essential element of the future is the optimization of logistics processes, to which our customers pay special attention today. An important goal for the future is to expand the Green Brand range of products among current and potential MARAT customers.

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